I’m Addicted to Chips – Here’s What Happened When I Gave Them Up For a Week

Most people would say I'm a very healthy eater. I've been doing the (mostly) vegan thing for years, and I rarely eat processed food. Except chips. For the life of me, I cannot part with my beloved nightly snack. Usually, just before dinner, I'll pop a few heavenly tortilla chips in my mouth and relish in the crunch, the saltiness. Everything about chips makes my mouth happy.

Unfortunately, I know eating chips every single night - even when they're organic, stone ground, made with beans, whatever - isn't a great habit. Sometimes I'll overdo it, and then my appetite for dinner is negatively impacted. And I'll end up feeling bloated and kinda gross about myself. So I decided to try my very best to give up chips for an entire week. I hoped that by eliminating this indulgence from my diet, I'd stop craving it so much. Read on to find out if I was able to nix my chip dependency and what I learned during my cold turkey, er, chip experiment.

Spoiler: They Were Hard to Resist

The first day I was officially off chips was right after the Thanksgiving holiday. Since I was pretty stuffed and (whispers) kinda hungover, I didn't feel tempted to snack. But the next day, I think I literally heard my heart break when I forced myself to pass the chip aisle during a grocery run. Sniff. And then, OK, confession time: Sunday, I cracked! We'd gone out to dinner to my favorite Mexican restaurant, and there they were. Glaring at me. The chips were so shiny and golden and warm. A nearby bowl of salsa beckoned me to just. take. one. dip. Sigh. I took so many more dips than one.

I felt badly after that dinner and swore off chips for the rest of the experiment. I swear. Until I found a bag of chips lurking in the back of the pantry one night. There was nothing else to eat, my hand to God. So I sneaked just a few.

On the last night of my chip purge, I was desperately craving chips, but I managed to call upon my willpower and opted for the satisfying crunch of broccoli with tangy dressing. That combo totally satiated my desire for a predinner snack, and I didn't even want the chips. Looking back, I should have been more prepared with healthy snack options to counteract cravings the entire week. And yeah, maybe I should have suggested another restaurant on Sunday.

What I Learned

By the end of the week, I decided that maybe it's not worth fighting something as strong as my love for chips. Instead, I think my energy would be better spent swearing off foods I wouldn't miss as much, like bread, pasta, and cookies. OK, I have to eat a cookie once in a while. But seriously, if you have one food you just can't say no to, allowing yourself to enjoy it isn't the end of the world if your eating habits are mainly healthy. Going forward, I just want to be more careful not to oversnack. Because the day after my no-chip week, I totally binged. I was just so happy to be reunited with my darling chips. So in the end, moderation seems far healthier than chip feast or famine.

The 1 Fitness Trend Jillian Michaels Says Is Beyond Dumb

To heat or not to heat? That is the question with new hot workouts continuing to pop up. We asked Jillian Michaels, author of the newly released The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential For Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty what the one workout trend she wishes would go away is, and she didn't miss a beat in answering hot workouts, calling them "beyond dumb."

Of the misconception that cranking up the heat can help you to sweat and detox, Jillian told POPSUGAR at a brunch to celebrate AquaHydrate's partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. "You're not detoxing anything. Your liver, kidney, and spleen detox the body. And you know what helps them do that? Hydration." Jillian also emphasizes that you're not burning more calories "because your intensity is far less than it would be in a cooler room." So how much water should you be drinking? Registered dietitian Lori Zanini recommends drinking about half of your bodyweight (in pounds) in fluid ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you would need approximately 75 fluid ounces of water per day, which breaks down into about nine cups per day (eight ounces in one cup). Drink up and stay cool!

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The “Quick and Delicious” Keto BLT Recipe Halle Berry Uses, and It’s Approved by Her Kids

When it comes to health and wellness, Halle Berry's Instagram, specifically her "Fitness Friday" series, is one of our favorites. Every Friday, you can count on her to share the workouts she's doing, what she eats on the keto diet, and even her favorite keto-friendly wines.

During her most recent Fitness Friday post, Halle and her trainer Peter answered questions like how to boost your metabolism and quick meals she makes for her entire family. Halle said that it's a BLT on cloud bread, and she shared the exact recipe her chef Cristina Shabatian follows. It's approved by her kids, so you know it's good. Continue reading for the recipe.

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If You Hate Running but Still Want to Lose Weight, We Have Some Good News

If you've read anything about losing weight over the past few decades (and odds are, if you're reading this article, you have), then you've probably come across the conventional wisdom that cardio is necessary for burning calories and revving up your weight loss. One of the most popular forms of cardio is running; the treadmills at the gym are always packed, boutique fitness classes such as Orangetheory Fitness and Barry's Bootcamp have popularized running intervals, and half-marathons are more popular than ever.

But as much as running has been hyped for weight loss, it's certainly not the only activity you need to do to shed fat and get in shape. "Effective weight loss involves both cardio and resistance training," registered dietitian and ACSM-certified personal trainer Jim White, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, told POPSUGAR.

How to Exercise For Weight Loss

So while running is a great form of cardio, it's not the only type of cardio activity that will help you meet your goals. "Cardio would be the activities that get your heart rate up, such as walking, swimming, biking, elliptical, and jumping rope," Jim said. So as long as an activity gets your heart rate up, ideally 50 to 85 percent of your max heart rate, which is 220 bpm, it counts as a good cardio workout.

But it's not just cardio that will help you lose weight; strength training is important, too. Jim explained that resistance training is bodyweight training, lifting weights, using weight machines, or moves you would do in a fitness class, like squats. "Resistance training builds endurance and muscle," he explained. "Since muscle is the engine that burns calories when you are resting, your body can still continue to burn calories for hours after strength training."

Cardio helps you burn calories and create a calorie deficit, but it's more of a short-term activity. Strength training is more like an investment: as you burn calories during exercise, you also continue to burn more calories at rest. Armen T. Ghazarians, ACSM-certified personal trainer and CEO of Finish Fit, recommends strength training three to five times a week for weight loss, ideally at a high intensity. He added that building muscle will help you burn body fat.

How to Eat For Weight Loss

So great, you don't need to run to lose weight. But exercise is just part of the equation; weight loss requires that you eat in a calorie deficit. To find out how many calories you should eat a day to lose weight, use this formula. Jim said that while cardio may put you in a calorie deficit, it's more of a short-term solution, since strength training will help you build muscle and burn more calories at rest.

In general, your diet should also be dialed in. Scarlet Full, RDN, Director of Nutrition and Research at Axiom Foods, said that you should eat mostly whole foods and limit processed packaged foods. And while you should limit junk food, you don't need to cut it out entirely (everything in moderation!) - just make sure your diet is mostly a lot of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. She also added that protein is important for weight loss because it will keeping you feeling full and satisfied. Plus, with strength training and working out, eating protein will help you build the lean muscle to burn more calories at rest. To find out exactly how much protein you should be eating to meet your goals, use this equation.

After Reading Through These Memes, You’ll Run to Your Bathroom and Throw Your Scale Out

There are tons of weight-loss victories that have nothing to do with the scale. The scale can actually weigh you down mentally if you get caught up in trying to achieve a certain number. It can also play tricks on you because sometimes you look like you lost weight, but the scale numbers went up. So #screwthescale! Reading through these memes will make you want to never step on one again.

Get More Defined, Stronger Abs With This Sculpting Bodyweight Exercise

Getting your abs to show isn't as simple as finding a magical lantern and telling a genie you want abs. Ultimately, you're going to need to eat really clean (I don't make the rules), lower your body fat percentage (this number will be different for everyone), and do core-sculpting exercises.

A great core-sculpting exercise that will leave you sore after about five reps is the glider knee tuck with a pike. It requires a lot of stability, and will leave you shaking after your first set.

How to Do a Glider Knee Tuck and Pike

  • Start in plank position with a glider underneath each foot. If you don't have gliders, you can use a towel on a hard surface to perform this exercise.
  • Engage your core and bring both knees in toward your elbows. With control, return to the starting position. Then, raise your hips as high as they can go. Your core should be engaged and your back should be in a neutral position throughout the entire movement.
  • This counts as one rep. Complete three sets of 10 reps.

Get a Head Start on Your 2019 Fitness Goals With This 20-Minute Strengthening Workout

There's nothing wrong with taking time to yourself and skipping a workout or two. If you would describe your holiday season as "doing the most" and are ready to get back into a fitness routine, ease your way into it with this simple strengthening workout.

This total-body workout takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, and it can be done anywhere - great for avoiding the gym mayhem. Do it solo or grab a friend to join you.

The Workout

Don't forget to warm up before starting the workout. You'll perform this workout as a circuit, meaning you'll take little to no rest in between each exercise. Once you've completed all five exercises, take 90 seconds of rest and then repeat it for a total of five rounds.

  • Side elbow plank with a twist: 10 reps on each side
  • Side lunge to curtsy squat: 12 reps on each side
  • Basic push-up: 12 reps
  • Reverse lunge with a knee drive: 12 reps on each side
  • Mountain climber: 15 reps

This Expert Explains How to Exercise For Long-Term Weight Loss, and It Makes So Much Sense

You know losing weight is a concentrated effort and a lifestyle change: you have to eat healthier and in a calorie deficit, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and reduce stress. But even if you do all of the above, you still may be confused as to what type of exercise you should be doing. Isn't cardio supposed to rev up calorie burn and torch fat? But wait - doesn't strength training also build lean muscle and burn calories at rest? Which one is best?

According to personal trainer and registered dietitian Jim White, ACSM, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, it's important to incorporate both cardio and strength training if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good. And while you probably knew this already, the way he explains it totally changed the way we thought about working out for long-term weight loss.

"The reason for needing both cardio and resistance training in your exercise routine is the way your body burns calories long-term," he told POPSUGAR. "Running is like a debit account (you would create a calorie deficit, but that deficit is a one-time transaction), whereas resistance training is like getting a payout from an investment account (the calories you burn during your exercise continue even after your workout ends)."

So while cardio burns calories as you do it, resistance training (such as lifting weights, bodyweight moves, or using resistance bands) helps build lean muscle in your body, which will burn more calories at rest.

For weight loss, Jim recommends 300 minutes (five hours) of cardio a week. That doesn't have to be intense cycling classes or running laps; it can be as simple as walking more or shoveling snow - anything that gets your heart rate up. You should aim to strength train at least two days a week. Looking for a good place to start? Here are our best cardio workouts and some strength-training exercises to get you on track.

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