10 Sneakers on Sale So Cool, You’ll Wonder How They’re Still in Stock

When we say, "You can never have enough sneakers," we mean it. Whether you're using your kicks to go to the gym, take a class, or just stroll around town, there's always room for more. That's why we created an ultimate guide to our favorite sneakers of the year on sale. These discounted shoes come in every color of the rainbow and every style you can think of, too. The affordable price tags are a huge plus too. See the deals for yourself.

We’re Just Going to Say It: Nike’s Making Our Favorite Sneakers in 2019

There's just something about seeing that iconic check mark that makes a sneaker feel legit. It's like an automatic seal of approval; when you wear Nike, you know it's going to perform, and it's going to look good. This year, we're looking for the best sneakers out there, and spoiler alert: we're into these 18 Nike pairs.

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Step Up Your Game With These 50+ Gifts For the Sporty Guy on Your Holiday Shopping List

The sports fan that you're shopping for this holiday season will go crazy over these slam-dunk-good gifts. Whether he likes playing sports indoors or outdoors or just likes watching other people play sports on TV, these gifts are sure to be a home run.

Get your head in the game and add all of these to your shopping cart before it's game over!

- Additional reporting by Macy Cate Williams and Krista Jones

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Avengers Assemble! This Marvel Line of Fitness Gear Is Made For a Superhero

We may not have the powers of a Marvel superhero, but we're one step closer to having the strength of one, thanks to Onnit's line of themed fitness gear. From the same brand that brought us Star Wars kettlebells comes a collection of Marvel-inspired equipment with everything you need to get into tip-top fighting shape.

Grab your matching workout outfit, and start heavy lifting with Captain America shield barbells and Iron Man kettlebells. Then swing and slam the Spider-Man battle ropes like a real Avenger would. With great fitness comes great responsibility - that's how the saying goes, right? Keep reading and shop each item for yourself below.

Stop Searching – These Are the Best Running Sneakers of 2019

Any runner knows that when you find the right shoes, you're halfway to a great workout. If you've been searching for the perfect pair to help you crush your fitness goals in 2019, look no further. Whether you prefer a neutral ride or a super supportive shoe, these 12 picks are the best of the best. Now all you have to do is hit the road.

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Hi Shoes, Bye Money! The 20 Hottest Sneakers of 2019

To say we're obsessed with sneakers would be an understatement. They occupy a large portion of our fitness-loving brains pretty much all the time. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, taking a class, or just doing errands, having a decent pair of kicks is important. We created a guide to the very best sneakers to get in 2019, so get your hands on them fast. Hot commodities like these don't stick around for very long.

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Get Ready to Crush Your Fitness Goals With These Top-Ranked Workout Sneakers of 2018

We know just how important it is to have workout gear - especially sneakers - that are comfortable, cute, and functional. Whether you're going boxing, beginning to train for your first marathon, or need a shoe that can handle a little bit of everything, we've got you covered.

Check out our favorite athletic sneakers from 2018 ahead.

21 Cute and Cozy Workout Clothes to Keep You From Freezing This Winter

To make sure you don't skip a Winter workout session, even in the freezing cold, we shopped the internet for the best cozy activewear pieces out there. From reversible fleece jackets to puffer coats and tech-friendly gloves, these must haves are too good to miss. Keep reading to check out our favorites.

Coral Is the Pantone Color For 2019, So Here’s a Bunch of Cute Coral Fitness Gear You Need

If your fitness wardrobe looks more appropriate for a funeral than a fun boutique class, then it might be time to update your look. Sure, black, gray, and navy tend to dominate most athleisure, but disrupt the norm by adding in some vibrant pops of color with this coral gear.

Pantone declared Living Coral the color of the year for 2019, so stock up on these bright gifts for yourself or someone you love. Start the new year off on-trend and brighten up your next workout.

15 Massagers For the Person Who Trains All the Damn Time and Is Always Sore

Feeling muscle soreness the day or two after a workout is one of those hurts-so-good feelings; you know you worked your body hard enough to get sore, but damn if it doesn't hurt to walk up stairs or dry your hair.

If you know a person who spends all their free time in the gym and is subsequently constantly sore, they're probably looking for immediate relief. After all, there are only so many sports and deep tissue massages you can get. Luckily, there are home massagers for every part of your body. We gathered some of our favorite options for sore muscles, tight feet, and other types of fitness-related discomfort.