10 Sneakers on Sale So Cool, You’ll Wonder How They’re Still in Stock

When we say, "You can never have enough sneakers," we mean it. Whether you're using your kicks to go to the gym, take a class, or just stroll around town, there's always room for more. That's why we created an ultimate guide to our favorite sneakers of the year on sale. These discounted shoes come in every color of the rainbow and every style you can think of, too. The affordable price tags are a huge plus too. See the deals for yourself.

Just Keep Working Out in These 10 Supportive Sneakers

2019 is the year we're conquering our fitness resolutions, one workout at a time. And, new year, new sneakers, right? Well, we've found some affordable, supportive options at Walmart. Think Nike, Saucony, and Asics at prices that'll make your wallet happy. What are you waiting for - get shopping!

10 Paleo Snacks That’ll Jump Start 2019 the Healthy Way – All on Amazon

What can we say, snack time is the best time. We personally can't leave the house without a snack in our bags. But, if you're eating Paleo, it can be tough to find great options that are both yummy and easy to travel with. Luckily, Amazon's got you covered, with Paleo brownies and tortilla chips, no less. Happy snacking!

If You Haven’t Heard, 2019 Is the Year We’ll All Be Drinking Matcha

Matcha has gone mainstream, and as an everyday consumer, I couldn't be more thrilled. Matcha is essentially a much more concentrated form of green tea, aka it's got a lot more caffeine per cup. The taste is a little earthy, but paired with your favorite milk, it's seriously delicious; so good, in fact, that I don't like to start my morning without it. But 2019 is the year that matcha goes from "that green drink" to a staple in every health-conscious person's pantry, and it's not just for drinking. Just keep reading to shop our favorite matcha products that will have keep calm and energized well into 2019.

We’re Just Going to Say It: Nike’s Making Our Favorite Sneakers in 2019

There's just something about seeing that iconic check mark that makes a sneaker feel legit. It's like an automatic seal of approval; when you wear Nike, you know it's going to perform, and it's going to look good. This year, we're looking for the best sneakers out there, and spoiler alert: we're into these 18 Nike pairs.

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With These New Sneakers, You’re Already on Your Way to Conquering Those Resolutions

Any fitness fanatic knows that finding the right sneakers is the key to a great workout. When you're hitting the gym, you need a pair that performs, keeps your feet secure, and makes you feel like you can conquer anything. Plus, the fact that they'll go with pretty much anything in your closet doesn't hurt either. Whether you're lifting weights or going through HIIT circuts, you need a great pair of training shoes to take your New Year's resolutions long past week one. Just keep reading to shop our top picks for 2019.

The Ultimate Guide to Sports Bras For Big Boobs

If you've got a larger bust, you know the struggle of finding a great sports bra. You need something that is supportive above all else, and that can be tough to find. But have no fear - we've done the hard work for you. These are 2019's top sports bras for large busts; just keep reading to shop!

New Year, New Sports Bras: These Are the 12 Picks We’re Loving Right Now

Ask any woman who works out about sports bras, and be prepared for a short monologue about her favorite brand or a horror story about the one that broke mid-sprint. People are passionate when it comes to sports bras because they're the most critical piece of our workout wardrobe. So we've done a little digging and come up with our favorite picks that are available right now. Think high-support cult favorites and adorable strappy styles perfect for yoga. Now all you have to do is shop!

Conquer Your Workout With Our 14 Favorite Leggings For 2019

No matter how impressive our workout wardrobe may be, we've always got room for more leggings. And this year, there have been quite a few pairs that made it into our Hall of Fame. If you're going to crush your New Year's goals, treat yourself to a great new pair of leggings. Of all the styles you could possibly choose, these are our 14 favorites. Now all you have to do is get moving.

Hi Shoes, Bye Money! The 20 Hottest Sneakers of 2019

To say we're obsessed with sneakers would be an understatement. They occupy a large portion of our fitness-loving brains pretty much all the time. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, taking a class, or just doing errands, having a decent pair of kicks is important. We created a guide to the very best sneakers to get in 2019, so get your hands on them fast. Hot commodities like these don't stick around for very long.

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